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Surgical Video Articles for Attendings, Residents, and Medical Students

The Journal of Medical Insight publishes full-length, incision-to-closure surgical videos with live narration from the operating room. Articles are peer-reviewed and include a full text component, animation, and more.

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The future is in video journals, and JOMI will be at the head of the line showing how to do it.

Keith Lillemoe MD, FACS

Keith Lillemoe

Chief of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital
Section Editor, JOMI

American College Of Surgeons Bulletin Brief

Dr. Steven Wexner, Vice-Chair of the ACS Board of Regents, interviews Dr. Keith Lillemoe, Chief of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Dr. Tiffany Chao, former Editor-in-Chief of JOMI. Here, they discuss the high-value educational opportunities that JOMI provides to surgeons, residents, students, scrub techs, and nurses.