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JOMI's publication process follows 3 steps: 1) submission, 2) filming, 3) publication.

1. Submission

Complete the following form

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You may also send an email to Your email should include:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Rationale for Publication

Upon submission, you will receive an ID to be used for all assets and correspondence related to this submission.

The submission will be reviewed by the editorial team, which will notify the submitting author of whether the article is:

  • A) high priority (production/filming is fully subsidized)
  • B) medium priority (production/filming is partially subsidized)
  • C) low priority (no subsidy)
  • D) not accepted for publication

2. Filming / Film Submission

A. Request for Filming

JOMI can handle ALL ASPECTS OF VIDEO PRODUCTION. Please coordinate filming and requisite hospital permissions with the JOMI editorial team.

B. Video Submission

Edited Submission: Authors are welcome to submit an edited video, subject to JOMI specifications:

  • Cameras: multiple cameras to ensure complete coverage: hands, POV, panoramic, scope, audio recorded during the procedure using a lavalier microphone (post-op narration is acceptable, but is not preferred)
  • Content: there must be an introduction and discussion (post-op) by the operating surgeon. The procedure must be filmed from incision to closure. For edited footage, the article must include not only key steps, but must cover the procedure extensively. When skipping over redundant content, the preferred method is acceleration, rather than hard cuts.
  • Technical Specifications: Edited footage must be rendered in high quality at 1080P or higher. Unedited footage should be recorded in 29.97fps.

Raw Footage Submission: authors are welcome to submit unedited footage, so long as footage is filmed to JOMI specifications above. JOMI Video Editors will perform editing, create an animation, and do other heavy post-production lifting. A video editing fee may be assessed. A document detailing the process for filming can be found at

3. Publication

The submitting author will be responsible for submitting a manuscript (guide), imaging, and any other information needed to put together the article. The article will then undergo peer review and, upon successfully passing peer review, will be published.

Next Step

To begin your submission, please send the title, abstract, and rationale to or click on the button below:

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