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The following companies have supported JoMI in providing a sponsorship with their products.


We use Wistia to handle our video playback needs.  Wistia has been an amazing support for us from our very beginning and we will remember this.  Always.

Why we like them?

Besides sponsoring us with a business account, Wistia provides 1) a clean video interface, 2) handles everything related to properly encoding the video to be played on any device, and 3) provides very interesting analytics about which portions of the videos get the most playback.

We use Toggl to track everyone's time.  This is critical to our foundation as JoMI runs in a very unorthodox manner.  In an effort to avoid having to raise capital from institutional investors, JoMI took on an impact-based equity model called FairSetup, which allows everyone to be an partner in the venture.  The way it works is that everyone involved accumulates impact by investing either time or money.  This impact then gives them ownership over revenues.  The full model is available here.

Why we like them?

A critical component of the FairSetup model is tracking time.  Toggl is great because: 1) it is easy to use, 2) it allows for complete cross-team transparency so that it is easy to review each others' work, and 3) has good reporting allowing us to understand where we are investing our time.