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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Retrograde Pyelogram
  • 3. Ureteroscopy and Visualization of the Stone
  • 4. Laser Lithotripsy
  • 5. Renoscopy
  • 6. Exit Ureteroscopy
  • 7. Repeat Retrograde Pyelogram
  • 8. Stent Replacement
  • 9. Post-op Remarks
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Ureteroscopy, Laser Lithotripsy, and Stent Replacement for an Obstructing Left Proximal Ureteral Stone with Forniceal Rupture

Ryan A. Hankins, MD
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Main Text

The patient in this case is a 76-year-old male who was admitted to the ER two weeks prior and was found to have an obstructing, 1-cm left proximal ureteral stone with a forniceal rupture. A left ureteral stent was placed, and he was started on antibiotics. In this video, Dr. Ryan Hankins at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital performs definitive management of the stone with a left ureteroscopy, laser lithotripsy, and stent replacement.

Main text coming soon.