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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Surgical Approach
  • 3. Transconjunctival Approach to the Orbital Floor and Removal of Infected Implant
  • 4. Exposure of Entire Orbital Floor Defect and Preparation for New Implant
  • 5. Placement of New Orbital Floor Implant
  • 6. Examine and Consider Opening Up Maxillary Sinus
  • 7. Closure
  • 8. Post-op Remarks
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Neuronavigation and Endoscopy as Adjunctive Tools in Orbital Floor Implant Revision: Surgical Management of Infected, Misplaced Orbital Floor Implant with Chronic Eyelid Fistula and Sinusitis


Derek Sheen, MD1; Cheryl Yu, MD2; Sarah Debs, MD2; Katherine M. Yu, MD2; Alyssa N. Calder, MD2; Kevin J. Quinn, MD3; Dimitrios Sismanis, MD4; Thomas Lee, MD, FACS2
1University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
2Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center
3Mass Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School
4Virginia Oculofacial Surgeons