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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Supraomohyoid Neck Dissection
  • 3. Excision of Squamous Cell Carcinoma from the Right Posterior Maxilla
  • 4. Immediate Surgical Obturator Placement and Adjustments
  • 5. Post-op Remarks
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Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma from the Posterior Maxilla with Obturator Placement and Ipsilateral Neck Dissection


Daniel Oreadi, DMD
Tufts University

Procedure Outline

  1. Incision
  2. Platysma Flap Elevation
  3. Posterior Elevation of the Neck Dissection
  4. Anterior Border of the SCM
  5. Dissection Level 2B
  6. Dissection Level 2A and 3 Along the IJ Vein
  7. Dissection on Level 1B on the Submandibular Region
  8. Dissection of the Carotid Sheath
  9. Dissection on Level 1A Anteriorly
  10. Elevation of the Fibrofatty Tissue of the Strap Muscles
  11. Dissection on Level 1B
  12. Retraction of the Submandibular Gland Exposing the Lingual Nerve
  13. Removal of the Specimen
  14. Confirmation of Hemostasis
  15. Confirmation of the Nerves' Integrity
  16. Specimen Orientation on the Back Table
  17. Drain Placements and Wound Closure
  1. Surgical Approach and Marking
  2. Injection with Local Anesthesia
  3. Beginning of Circumferential Dissection Around the Tumor
  4. Extraction of Premolar Tooth Located Along the Linear Margin
  5. Dissection of the Greater Palatine
  6. Removal of the Soft Tissue Component of the Tumor
  7. Orientation of the Soft Tissue
  8. Specimens for Frozen Section
  9. Posterior Partial Maxillectomy
  10. Buccal Fat Pad Advancement for Repair
  11. Suturing of Buccal Fat Pad
  1. Addition of the Soft Tissue Reliner
  2. Call with Pathologist
  3. Obturator Fixation to Adjacent Teeth