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  • 1. Setup
  • 2. Exposure and Nail Placement
  • 3. Targeting of Nail
  • 4. Femoral Nail Locking Screws
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Retrograde Femoral Intramedullary Nail


Jason P. Den Haese Jr.1; Michael Weaver, MD2
1Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
2Brigham and Women's Hospital

Procedure Outline

  1. Prep and Drape, Surgical Timeout
  1. Enter Formal Canal with Guide
  2. Use Opening Reamer
  3. Pass Guidewire Across Fracture
  4. Measure for Length of Nail
  5. Reaming Femoral Canal
  1. Check Guidewire Under Fluoro
  1. Distal Locking Screw Placement
  2. Proximal Locking Screws