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  • 1. Drape Application
  • 2. Drape Demostration
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Microscope Drape for Aerosol-Generating Procedures During COVID-19 Pandemic


C. Scott Brown, MD1; Paulo Dominaitis, CST2; Fred F. Telischi, MEE, MD, FACS1
1 University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
2 Bascom Palmer Eye Institute



He may show us how to drape the microscope. Is this wet? No, it's not wet. So whenever he's ready, just drop it.

Chapter 2

The hands are coming in. The curtain is down. I'm doing this. This comes down. All hands underneath. [He's] going to do the same. I'm just going to adjust my microscope like this. Did we, by the way, clean the ear canal on the other side, or...? Yes, we did. I'm going to get you kind of drilling some as well, so we can show that it keeps it contained. I'm going to cut this a little because I don't like it being so low. Yeah. I think that's sigmoid right there. I know. Yeah. It's quite thin. Same on the other side? Oh, yeah. You don't need the 3D cutter? No. Do you want it curved? Actually, straight would be better because a curved is too long.