• 1. Local Anesthetic Injection
  • 2. Tympanomeatal Flap
  • 3. Elevate Annulus
  • 4. Remove Scutum
  • 5. Middle Ear Assessment
  • 6. Incudostapedial Joint Separation
  • 7. Divide Stapedial Tendon and Posterior Crus
  • 8. Harvest Perichondrium
  • 9. Remove Stapes Footplate
  • 10. Graft Placement
  • 11. Prosthesis Placement
  • 12. Closure
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Endoscopic Stapedectomy

Michael E. Hoffer, MD; C. Scott Brown, MD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Endoscopic ear surgery can improve visualization of critical structures. In this video, Dr. Scott Brown performs an endoscopic stapedectomy for the treatment of conductive hearing loss. He explains his technique and the advantages afforded by adoption of the endoscope in ear surgery.

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