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Left Mastectomy Wound Closure with Left Latissimus Dorsi Musculocutaneous Local Flap

Geoffrey G. Hallock, MD1*; Yoko Young Sang, MD2

1Sacred Heart Campus, St. Luke's Hospital
2Louisiana State University Shreveport
*Operating Surgeon

1. Introduction and Surgical Approach

2. Flap Incisions and Dissection to Latissimus Dorsi Muscle

  1. Locate Latissimus Dorsi
  2. Dissection to Anterior Border of Latissimus Dorsi
  3. Dissection to Posterior Border of Latissimus Dorsi
  4. Test Viability of Flap

3. Raising Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Flap

  1. Take Down Origin and Raise Anterior Border of Flap
  2. Divide Latissimus Dorsi and Raise Posterior Border of Flap
  3. Identification of Thoracodorsal Artery

4. Transposition

  1. Test Viability of Flap

5. Reconstruction and Closure