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  • Title
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Dissection
  • 3. Reposition Testis Within Scrotum
  • 4. Closure
  • 5. Circumcision
  • 6. Post-op Remarks

Orchiopexy and Circumcision


Domingo Alvear, MD1; Lissa Henson, MD2; Jaymie Ang Henry, MD, MPH3

1World Surgical Foundation
2Philippine Society of Pediatric Surgeons
3Florida Atlantic University, G4 Alliance

Procedure Outline

  1. Incision
  2. Locate and Externalize Testis
  3. Lengthen and Mobilize Spermatic Cord by Dividing Cremasteric Fibers
  4. Locate and Separate Hernia Sac
  5. Ligate and Reduce Hernia Sac
  1. Create Tunnel into Scrotum
  2. Create Pouch for Testis
  3. Bring Testis Through Tunnel and into Scrotum
  4. Suture to Secure Testis in Place

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Filmed At:

Romblon Provincial Hospital

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Publication Date
Article ID268.7
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