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Coronal Approach (Cadaver)

1. Introduction

2. Surgical Approach

3. Incision

  1. Initial Incision
  2. Extend Incision to Zygomatic Arch on Right Side
  3. Preauricular Incision on Right Side
  4. Extend Incision to Zygomatic Arch on Left Side
  5. Preauricular Incision on Left Side

4. Blunt Dissection to Raise Flap

5. Pericranial Incision

6. Subpericranial Blunt Dissection

7. Superficial Layer of the Temporalis Fascia Incision

8. Blunt Dissection Deep to Superficial Temporalis Fascia

9. Incision and Dissection on Right Side

10. Zygomatic Arch Dissection

11. Dissect to Junction of Cartilaginous and Bony Nasal Support

12. Right Orbital Dissection

13. Discussion on Closure