Frontal Sinus Dissection (Cadaver)

Ralph Abi Hachem, MD, MSc, C. Scott Brown, MD
Duke University Medical Center
  1. Positioning and Anatomic Landmark Identification
  2. Draf I
    1. Anterior Ethmoidectomy
    2. Dissect Agger Nasi
    3. Identify Frontal Sinus
  3. Draf II-A "Uncapping the Egg"
    1. Remove Superior Edge of Agger Nasi
    2. Ensure Identification of Frontal Sinus
  4. Draf II-B
    1. Cut Down Vertical Lamella
    2. Enlarge Frontal Sinusotomy
    3. Connect Frontal Sinus and Supraorbital Ethmoid
  5. Draf III
    1. Drilling Frontal Sinusotomy
    2. Superior Anterior Septectomy


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