Thyroidectomy (Cadaver)

  1. Incision
    1. Raise Superior and Inferior Flaps
  2. Divide Strap Muscles
  3. Separate Sternothyroid from Sternohyoid
  4. Identify Airway and Midline
    1. Find Isthmus
  5. Dissect Strap Muscles Off Thyroid Gland
    1. Identify External Branch of Superior Laryngeal Nerve
    2. Retract Lobe and Divide Superior Thyroid Vessels
    3. Retract Thyroid
  6. Dissect Down to Nerve
    1. Identify Nerve
  7. Clear off Inferior Pole
    1. Identify Trachea
  8. Resect Thyroid
    1. Trace Nerve into Larynx
    2. Identify and Control Vessels
    3. Identify Berry’s Ligament
    4. Include Peroneal Lobe in Dissection


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