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Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Cadaveric): Maxillary, Ethmoid, Sphenoid

David W Jang, MD, C. Scott Brown, MD
Duke University School of Medicine
  1. Preparation and Positioning
  2. Medialize Middle Turbinate
  3. Uncinectomy
    1. Fracture Uncinate Anteriorly
    2. Divide Uncinate
    3. Remove Uncinate
  4. Maxillary Antrostomy
    1. Identify Natural Ostium
    2. Widen Maxillary Sinus
    3. Ensure Natural Ostium
  5. Ethmoid Bulla Removal
    1. Palpate the Retrobullar Recess
    2. Remove Ethmoid Bulla to Fully Expose the Lamina Papyracea Laterally
  6. Identify Anatomic Landmarks
  7. Enter Basal Lamella
    1. Identify Superior Turbinate
    2. Remove Basal Lamella
  8. Posterior Ethmoidectomy
  9. Sphenoidotomy
    1. Resect Inferior Portion of Superior Turbinate
    2. Dilate Sphenoid Sinus Opening
  10. Superior Ethmoidectomy
    1. Remove Partitions along Skull Base