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Policy: Value-First Open-Door

JOMI is unique in how we approach access and distribution.

We recognize that cases published on JOMI may have a positive impact on patient care. Thus, we have adopted a value-first/open-door access policy. Here is how it works:

  • There is no charge for initial access to our content.
  • To gain access, one must only create an account.
  • Once there is usage, we reach out to the institution to secure an institutional subscription.
  • If the institution does not subscribe, then we explore other avenues before limiting/closing access.

While initial access does not require payment, content on JOMI took a tremendous amount of effort to put together and, thus, is not free and we reserve the right to close/limit access as we see fit. However, we will try our best to ensure that payment does not get in the way of care.


We believe that, especially in healthcare, it is important to remember that we are all here to improve outcomes. Thus, rather than pursuing short-term sales, we seek long-term relationships anchored in value for patients. With this policy, we are able to avoid the ethical paradox of business realities competing with patient care: patients have enough to worry about and are able to access our content free of charge, and when physicians find our content helpful, they are not restricted simply because they don't have their credit card at their side.

If we are truly helpful, we should be able to negotiate with the medical school, hospital, program director, or individuals after the value of JOMI is recognized.