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About JOMI

Short of scrubbing in, JOMI is the best way to observe surgeries.

Journal of Medical Insight ( is a peer-reviewed surgical video journal / virtual operating theatre. JOMI films and publishes surgical procedures performed by top teaching physicians in an effort to make it possible for residents, attendings, medical students, clinical staff, and patients to have a high-quality peer-reviewed didactic experience in being walked through procedures from incision to closure by the operating surgeons.

JoMI has filmed at Massachusetts General Hospital, Yale, Stanford, UAB, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Charite Hospital (in Berlin), Duke Medical Center, Rothman Institute, and many others and, at present, primarily focuses on General Surgery, Orthopedics, and ENT.

Why is JOMI unique?  CLICK HERE to watch a 2-minute video to see for yourself.

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