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New Medical Video Journal looking for Videographer/Editor/Animator to produce Blindingly Fantastic Surgical Procedures

Official Summary: The team member will shoot footage of procedures/surgeon interviews, assist in organizing/editing footage and help animate basic (but fantastic) medical schematics. The team member will accomplish the bulk of the technical tasks related to production and post-production. He or she will transport, set up, and operate equipment; also assist with staging and preparation. The team member will work closely with the Head of Video Production and JoMI editors to execute the concept through to completion.

Real Talk Summary (This is what’s up): We film, edit, and self-publish exemplary medical procedures at (here comes some bragging so hold on!) what we believe is a level no one else in the field is currently achieving. Here, look: We want someone ethereal, someone with a sense of adventure and a heart like a proud mother lion who’s interested in taking on a partnership role while doing some really unique video work and helping a new, legitimately exciting idea grow. What we clearly don’t need is someone else writing our copy because that description was perfect. We’re a small, versatile team. Most of us are above average in the looks department. We mean business, despite the tone of this summary. While we’re definitely looking for talented, experienced people to help us expand our abilities as a company, a collaborative attitude and willingness to learn and work extremely hard is a very cheesy sentiment we very sincerely value above everything else. That and you not throwing up in the operating room.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Determines what camera equipment is necessary and obtains equipment
  • Transports, sets up, and operates various production equipment including cameras, audio and video recorders, and microphones for location production
  • Operates and maintains proper levels and calibration of cameras, audio and video recorders, and other production equipment
  • Collects b-roll footage and hospital-provided video (arthroscopic/overhead camera footage, MRIs, etc) as well as interviews
  • Becomes familiar with specific surgical procedures to ensure clear and complete documentation
  • Ingests and organizes raw footage
  • Edits multiple drafts of procedures in collaboration with the editorial board
  • Creates graphics and animations in post-production

Additional responsibilities may include:

  • Supports the team throughout the production process, which may include providing materials or assistance to multiple departments, aid in promotional activities, and presenting/communicating directly to physicians and other constituents
  • Helps to sustain and guide creative process
  • Assists in innovating and improving operating room filming processes and editorial workflow


  • Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Premiere Pro and After Effects; additional experience with Prelude, SpeedGrade and Audition preferred; however we are open to on the job familiarization with Adobe CC for those proficient in Final Cut or other NLEs
  • Comfortable shooting with a range of (sometimes experimental/cunningly improvised) camera setups in occasionally tricky, dynamic environments
  • No medical background required/expected but familiarity with the field is definitely a plus

What You Need to Send Us:

  • Résumé/CV (references are lovely, by the way)
  • Link to a reel or personal website, work sample, a Vine you’re oddly proud of, whatever; something you think is best representative of your work/style/humor/terrifying genius
  • Short paragraph or two just to kind of informally introduce yourself and maybe explain why you’re a good fit or interested in what we’re doing
  • Complete three (3) of following wacky interview tasks
    1. Anthropomorphize a humeral bone using the medium of your choice (sketch him on paper in a little top hat, make him dance in After Effects, paint him with oils, whatever your heart desires)
    2. Link us to a YouTube you think is the funniest YouTube or - if yours is a more aesthetic soul - send a link to a video you feel is stylistically compelling
    3. Watch this (very condensed) procedure: and briefly tell us what you don’t like about it and what you might do differently (it’s not ours, you won’t hurt our feelings)
    4. Walk us through what you think might be the ideal setup for filming in the operating room. How many cameras do you need to clearly document every angle of the procedure (POV, constant tight shots of very small incisions, wide and medium shots, etc)? How do you mic the surgeon and capture his audio? You’re allowed three total crew members in the OR and you’re on a very tight budget, so no Red Epics or Sennheiser wireless mic packs allowed. What (if any) questions would you need answered to come to your decision?

Contact if interested.

*Position responsibilities may change to fit production needs