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Tying Arthroscopic Knot for Glenoid Suture Anchor


As arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures have become increasingly more common over the past decade, a versatile understanding of several arthroscopic knot tying techniques is essential for reproducible and reliable repairs. While there are numerous descriptions of unique arthroscopic knots, selection and correct implementation is critical for adequate soft tissue fixation and successful patient outcomes. Specifically, the Roeder knot, a type of locking sliding knot, with 3 alternating half hitches, has been described to provide the loop and knot security among other sliding knot techniques. Therefore, the Roeder knot has emerged as a preferred knot tying technique amongst orthopedic surgeons, especially in the setting of arthroscopic shoulder stabilization procedures. In this case, we describe the basic fundamentals of performing a Roeder knot with 3 alternating half hitches to anchor the labrum to the glenoid in the setting of an arthroscopic Bankart repair.

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