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  • Title
  • 1. Exposure
  • 2. Debridement
  • 3. Examine for Instability
  • 4. Rasp and Irrigate
  • 5. Repair Ligament
  • 6. Test Repair
  • 7. Closure

Deltoid Ligament Repair


William B. Hogan1; Eric M. Bluman, MD, PhD2
1Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
2Brigham and Women's Hospital

Procedure Outline

  1. An incision was made over the medial gutter of the ankle.
  2. Dissection was carried down to find the anterior fibers of the deltoid ligament.
  3. Careful dissection was performed and great care was taken to protect the saphenous nerve and vein.
    • It was clear from the arthroscopy that had been done previously that the anterior fibers of the deltoid had been avulsed off the anterior portion of the medial malleolus.
  1. This area was further cleaned of fibrous tissue.
  1. The ankle was put through a range of motion to test for stability and demonstrate laxity of the incompetent ligament.
  1. A rasp was used to prepare the bone prior to drilling, and the resulting debris was irrigated out of the wound.
  1. Drill holes were made, and a suture anchor was placed.
  2. The sutures were then passed through the proximal portion of the anterior fibers of the deltoid ligament, and these were tied down to their origin.
  1. The ankle was put through a range of motion to test for stability and ensure that the repair remained intact under stress.
  1. After this had been done, the wound was thoroughly irrigated and closed in a layered fashion.

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Brigham and Women's Hospital

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