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Video preload image for Carbon Fiber Implant for Fixation of a Pathologic Subtrochanteric Fracture
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  • Title
  • Animation
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Open Bone Lesion Biopsy of the Right Proximal Femur Through Lateral Subvastus Approach
  • 3. Second Incision for Insertion of Nail into the Proximal Femur
  • 4. Provisional Reduction with Schanz Pins Under Fluoroscopy
  • 5. Placement of Starting Wire in Proximal Fragment
  • 6. Opening Reamer over Starting Wire
  • 7. Reduction with Finger Reduction Tool
  • 8. Ball-Tip Guidewire Insertion
  • 9. Measurement for the Length of the Nail
  • 10. Sequential Reaming over Ball-Tip Guidewire
  • 11. Exchanging the Ball-Tip Guidewire for a Smooth Wire that Fits Through the Carbon Fiber Implant
  • 12. Carbon Fiber Implant Placement over Smooth Wire
  • 13. Guidewire Insertion for the Femoral Neck Screw Trajectory Using the Aiming Arm and the Triple Trocar
  • 14. Measurement for the Length of the Femoral Neck Screw
  • 15. Triple Reamer and Femoral Neck Screw over Guidewire
  • 16. Setting Screw Proximally on the Nail
  • 17. Confirming Position on AP and Lateral Views of the Hip and Knee
  • 18. Blocking Screws for Distal Nail
  • 19. Final Confirmation of Positioning on AP and Lateral Views
  • 20. Copious Irrigation
  • 21. Hemostasis and Closure
  • 22. Post-op Remarks

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Filmed At:

Massachusetts General Hospital

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