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Video preload image for Insertion of a Right-Sided PleurX Catheter for Palliation of a Malignant Pleural Effusion
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  • Title
  • Animation
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Patient Preparation
  • 3. Selection of Entry and Exit Sites for PleurX Catheter
  • 4. Injection of Local Anesthetic
  • 5. Elements of PleurX Kit
  • 6. Incisions
  • 7. Create Tunnel and Pass the PleurX Catheter Between the Two Sites
  • 8. Enter Pleural Space with Insertion Sheath
  • 9. Guidewire Insertion Through Sheath Followed by Sheath Removal
  • 10. Dilation of Tract over Guidewire
  • 11. Breakaway Sheath Placement over the Guidewire
  • 12. Removal of the Guidewire and Inner Part of Breakaway Sheath
  • 13. PleurX Catheter Insertion Through Breakaway Sheath and into Pleural Space
  • 14. Drain Pleural Effusion and Collect Samples
  • 15. Closure and Securing the PleurX Catheter

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Filmed At:

Massachusetts General Hospital

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