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Robotic eTEP Retrorectus Rives-Stoppa Repair for Ventral Hernia

Rockson C. Liu, MD, FACS
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

1. Introduction

2. Ultrasound-Guided Marking, Bilateral TAP Blocks, and Right Rectus Block

3. Access to the Left Retrorectus Space and Placement of Ports

  1. Left Rectus Block

4. Robot Docking

5. Ipsilateral (Left) Retrorectus Space Dissection and Identification of Linea Alba

6. Enter Preperitoneal Space Through Posterior Rectus Sheath and Take Down Preperitoneal Fat and Hernia Sac

7. Contralateral (Right) Retrorectus Space Dissection

8. Summary of Dissection

9. Fascia Closure

  1. Posterior Peritoneal Defect
  2. Anterior Fascia
  3. Anterior Fascia with Image Inversion

10. Mesh Preparation

11. Mesh Placement

12. Closure

13. Post-op Remarks