• 1. Dilate Main Viewing Portal
  • 2. Examine Labrum, Femoral Head, Transverse Ligament
  • 3. Probe Labrum
  • 4. Debride Labrum
  • 5. Explore Medial Structures
  • 6. Explore Peripheral Compartment
  • 7. Continue Labral Debridement
  • 8. Check Capsular Reflection, Survey Joint, Close
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Diagnostic Hip Arthroscopy

Scott D. Martin, MD
Brigham and Women's/Mass General Health Care Center

In this case, Dr. Scott D. Martin takes us through a diagnostic hip arthroscopy where he dilates the main viewing portal; examines the labrum, femoral head, and transverse ligament; probes and debrides the labrum; explores the medial structures and peripheral compartment; continues the labral debridement; checks the capsular reflection; surveys the joint; and closes.

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This article is the companion to the JoMI article "Portal Placement for Hip Arthroscopy" by Scott D. Martin, MD.

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