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Bilateral Syndactyly Release of Third and Fourth Fingers

Sudhir B. Rao, MD1; Mark N. Perlmutter, MS, MD, FICS, FAANOS2; Arya S. Rao3; Grant Darner4

1Big Rapids Orthopaedics
2Carolina Regional Orthopaedics
3Undergraduate Student, Deparment of Biological Sciences, Columbia University
4Duke University School of Medicine

1. Introduction

2. Surgical Approach

3. Left Incision and Right Incision, Dissection, and Separation

4. Right Closure and Left Dissection and Separation

5. Skin Graft Application

  1. Removal of Excess Fat and Partial Closure
  2. Harvest Full-Thickness Skin Graft from Groin Crease
  3. Skin Graft Preparation and Donor Site Closure
  4. Skin Graft Insets
  5. Finish Donor Site Closure

6. Dressings and Splints