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Video preload image for Bone Graft for Nonunion of Right Thumb Proximal Phalanx Fracture
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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Surgical Approach
  • 3. Incision and Exposure
  • 4. Fracture Fusion Site Preparation
  • 5. Bone Graft Harvesting from Iliac Crest
  • 6. Bone Graft Inset
  • 7. Review of Anatomy
  • 8. Closure
  • 9. Post-op Remarks

Bone Graft for Nonunion of Right Thumb Proximal Phalanx Fracture


Sudhir B. Rao, MD1; Mark N. Perlmutter, MS, MD, FICS, FAANOS2; Arya S. Rao3; Grant Darner4
1Big Rapids Orthopaedics
2Carolina Regional Orthopaedics
3Columbia University
4Duke University School of Medicine

Procedure Outline

  1. Debride Fibrous Tissue with a Rongeur
  2. Insert K-Wire Through Distal Phalanx and Distal Fracture Fragment
  1. Incision and Exposure
  2. Harvest Graft
  3. Graft Preparation and Donor Site Closure
  1. Place Graft into Fracture Site
  2. Advance K-Wire Through Graft, Proximal Fragment, and First Metacarpal
  3. Pack Graft with Cancellous Bone from Graft

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Filmed At:

Hospital Leonardo Martinez, Honduras

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