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  • 1. Exposure
  • 2. Mobilization of Descending and Sigmoid Colon
  • 3. Colostomy
  • 4. Closure
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Open Left Colectomy for Colon Cancer: Left Colon and Sigmoid Resection with Colostomy Formation


Derek J. Erstad, MD1; David Berger, MD1
1Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

Procedure Outline

  1. Midline abdominal incision
  2. Entry to the Lesser Sac and Splenic/Hepatic Flexure Take Down
  1. Division of Mesenteric Vessels
  2. Mobilization of Volvulus
  3. Division of Distal Colonic Margin
  4. Division of Proximal Colonic Margin
  5. Removal of Specimen and Hemostasis
  1. Removal of Specimen and Hemostasis
  2. Mobilization to Allow for Stoma Maturation
  3. Identification of Stoma Site in LUQ
  4. Creation of Stoma
  1. Abdominal Fascia closed with #1 Running Prolene
  2. Skin closed with Staples
  3. Colostomy Maturation and Ostomy Bag Fixation