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Left Indirect Inguinal Hernioplasty

Liborio "Jun" Soledad, MD*; Enrico Jayma, MD*; C. Haddon Mullins, IV, MD**
*Operating Surgeons, World Surgical Foundation
**Resident, General Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham

1. Introduction and Surgical Approach

2. Incision

3. Dissection

  1. Identify and Expose Hernia Sac
  2. Open Hernia Sac

4. Remove Hernia Contents from Scrotal Area

5. Reduce Bowel to Abdomen

6. Isolate Hernia Sac

7. High Ligation of Hernia Sac

8. Hemostasis

9. Separate Spermatic Cord from Inguinal Floor

10. Place and Anchor Mesh

11. Closure

12. Post-op Remarks