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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Anchor Placement
  • 3. Retrieving and Passing Suture Arms
  • 4. Tie Suture

Rotator Cuff Repair (Cadaver Shoulder)


Patrick Vavken, MD1; Sabah Ali2
1Smith and Nephew Endoscopy Laboratory
2University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Procedure Outline

  • Using posterior portal for visualization, locate rotator cuff tear and debride edges.
  • Evaluate size of rotator cuff tear. Number of anchors used will depend on size.
  • Using superior lateral portal, position anchor and drill into bone.
  • Mallet anchor into bone and release anchor.
  • Using retriever, retrieve first suture arm through superior lateral portal.
  • Pass suture arm and take suture bite into cuff to be attached.
  • Retrieve second suture.
  • Pass second suture arm.
  • Tie arms using an arthroscopic knot.
  • Cut suture ends above knot.
  • Repeat with more anchors as needed.

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Smith and Nephew Endoscopy Laboratory

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