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Pediatric Chordee Release and Glanular Hypospadias Repair

Domingo Alvear, MD1; Lissa Henson, MD2; Jaymie Ang Henry, MD, MPH3

1World Surgical Foundation
2Philippine Society of Pediatric Surgeons
3Florida Atlantic University, G4 Alliance

1. Introduction

2. Chordee Release

  1. Divide at Frenulum
  2. Circumferential Incision
  3. Release Curvature

3. Remove Excess Foreskin

  1. Midline Division
  2. Dorsal and Ventral Sutures
  3. Excise Excess Skin on Right
  4. Right Midline Suture
  5. Excise Excess Skin on Left
  6. Left Midline Suture

4. Closure for Chordee Release

5. Glanular Hypospadias Repair

  1. Cauterize Native Meatal Mucosa
  2. Excise Mucosa
  3. Meatal Advancement

6. Post-op Remarks