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Pre-Scrubbing Preparation and Setting Up the Sterile Field




Hello my name is Kristen Urbanek and I'm a certified surgical technologist. Um, today we're going to take a look at opening sterile packages and setting up a sterile field, as well as scrubbing, gowning, and gloving. So my circulator for the day, Dana Thomas, is going to come in, and we're going to start opening supplies for the day.

Um, first things first, I want to check the integrity of my pack as well as the expiration date, to make sure it isn't expired. I'm going to open the pack. Whenever we open a sterile package, we always go away, towards, to the side, and to the side. To the side, and to the side. Now we have created a sterile field, and we're ready to open some sterile supplies.


Again, going to check the integrity of the package, as well as the expiration date. It's going to open away from us, to the side, to the side, towards. Tossing onto the field. Now we have some sutures. Again looking for the integrity of the package and the date of expiration. Tossing on the field.


Next will be my instrumentation that I'm going to use for the procedure. First I'm going to take the instrument count sheet off. This will go to my circulator. Going to check external indicators to make sure they have passed. Going to pop the top, lift straight up. Also going to check the inside indicator and filter paper to make sure there's no holes, and to make sure that the indicator mark has changed. It is good.


Finally, I'm going to open my lap sheet. It's a little large and cumbersome so we're going to use a prep table to help me out. On to the prep table. Going to go away, to the side, to the side, and towards. I'm going to tuck everything in close to my field so anybody that comes into the room and walks around the field is aware and isn't going to touch anything.

Alright, so we're going to open some lap pads next. I'm going to check the steril- uh, integrity of the package. Then we're going to go away, to the side, to the side, towards, and toss.


I'm then going to get my gown and open it, so I can get ready to scrub. So, I'm going to place my gown package on to the Mayo stand. Going to go away, to the side, to the side, and towards.

Going to get my gloves. It's important to open… open your gown and gloves on a separate table, because if by chance you contaminate this, when you are scrubbing and gowning, you're not contaminating your entire field, you're just contaminating this area.

First pair of gloves get flipped on. And second pair of gloves. And now I'm going to go scrub.