Posterior Cruciate-Retaining Total Knee Arthroplasty

Richard D. Scott, MD
New England Baptist Hospital
  1. Introduction

  2. Exposure

    1. Incision and Arthrotomy
    2. Blue Towel Draping
    3. Remove Menisci and Medial Osteophytes (also ACL if Present)
  3. Femoral Cuts

    1. Draw Whiteside’s Line
    2. Enter Femoral Canal
    3. Distal Femoral Cuts
    4. Anterior Femoral Cortex Cuts
    5. Complete Medial Release
    6. Examine Flexion Gap
    7. Make Anterior and Posterior Femoral Cuts
    8. Make Anterior and Posterior Chamfer Cuts
  4. Patellar Cuts

    1. Cut and Shape Patella
    2. Insert Trial Patella
  5. Tibial Cuts

    1. Place Tibial Alignment Guide
    2. Make Tibial Plateau Cuts
    3. Plug Femoral Canal
    4. Complete Medial Release
  6. Trial Femoral Component

    1. Position Trial Component
    2. Remove Overhanging Osteophytes and Soft Tissue
    3. Check Flexion Gap with Trial Components
  7. Trial Tibial Components

    1. Position Trial Component
    2. Ream Tibia
  8. Cementing

    1. Fill Cyst with Bone Graft
    2. Apply Cement and Position Tibial and Femoral Components
    3. Cement Patella
    4. Observe Patellar Tracking
    5. Remove Extruded Cement
  9. Check Stability and ROM

  10. Irrigation, Hemostasis, Hemovacs, and Closure


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