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Microsurgical Technique for 1mm Vessel End to End Anastomosis

Yelena Akelina, DVM
Columbia University Microsurgery Research and Training Laboratory


Jurij · Posted 2 years ago · reply  

Dear What is the likelihood of transplantation after partial finger amputation. The accident occurred with the sharp blade, fifteen years ago. For any information I would like to thank in advance. Greetings George

Camille Renee · Posted 3 years ago · reply  

Thank you for this educational video!

Luigino SANTECCHIA M.D. · Posted 3 years ago · reply  

Great job Akelina, this video is really educational and interesting. As soon as I get the chance I will come certainly find in NYC to visit your Microsurgery Lab. Greetings from Rome Sincerely LS

Mangesh vishwakarma · Posted 3 years ago · reply  

Sir I am the manufacturer of micro clamps since last 7 years l am selling these clamps to many of the surgeons in India as well as foreign. I want to develop one kind of clamp that will decrease a lot of time and skill in suturing. I am working on this project since last 1 year and I am very close to complete it. Please contact me for more guidance to me.

Kimberly Fresh · Posted 1 year ago · reply  

N/A for HSA.

Mansour AlAssiry · Posted 1 year ago · reply  

Very useful , contains all the details of basic microsurgery .

Keli Kolegraff · Posted 10 months ago · reply  

Excellent resource, thank you for putting this together!

jayamary theckel · Posted 9 months ago · reply  

Reaiiy educating

jayamary theckel · Posted 9 months ago · reply  

good effort

elsa pollaci · Posted 8 months ago · reply  

very interesting video ! thank you for sharing

Zaid Madhi · Posted 3 months ago · reply  

very interesting and useful video

joseph githaiga · Posted 7 months ago · reply  

Excellent teaching

joseph githaiga · Posted 7 months ago · reply  

Excellent teaching

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