Resection of a Sphenoid Wing Meningioma

PD Dr. med. Marcus Czabanka
Charite Hospital Berlin
  1. Temporal Craniotomy Exposure
    1. Incision
    2. Retract Skin/Muscle Flap
    3. Drill Burr Hole
    4. Use Craniotome and Remove Bone Flap
    5. Suture Dura to Skull
    6. Use Rongeur to Widen Exposure
    7. Drill Sphenoid and Expand Craniotomy Temporally
  2. Tumor Removal Under Microscope
    1. Draping and Preparation
    2. Control Bleeding
    3. Open Dura
    4. Locate Tumor
    5. Devascularize Tumor
    6. Remove Tumor
    7. Insert Wire Mesh
    8. Close Dura
  3. Craniotomy Closure
    1. Refix Bone Flap to Skull
    2. Close Wound


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