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  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • 1. Setup/Positioning
  • 2. Anatomic Landmarks
  • 3. Portal Placement
  • 4. Enter Joint
  • 5. Diagnostic Arthroscopy
  • 6. Use of Elevator

Elbow Arthroscopy


Patrick Vavken, MD, Femke Claessen, MD
Smith and Nephew Endoscopy Laboratory

Procedure Outline

Diagnostic Elbow Arthroscopy Demonstration on a Cadaver Specimen

  1. Make Anatomic Landmarks, note Medial and Lateral
  1. Anteromedial (Starting Portal)
  2. Proximal Anterolateral Portal
  3. Soft Spot Portal
  4. Modified Posterolateral Portal
  1. Insufflate joint with 20-30cc saline
  2. Entering Anteromedial portal
  3. Entering Proximal anterolateral portal
  1. Enter Anterior Compartment and Evaluate:
    • Lateral gutter
    • Capsule evaluation
    • Annular Ligament
  2. Enter Posterior compartment
    • Enter Accessory Posterolateral Portal and Evaluate:
      • Medial Gutter
      • Tristate Area
      • Posterior Capitellum
  3. Enter Accessory Distal Ulna Portal
  4. Demonstrating the Use of Elevator

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Smith and Nephew Endoscopy Laboratory

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