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Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair - Part 2

1. Distal Descending Aorta Anastomosis

  1. Atrio-Femoral Bypass Removal
  2. Check Anastomosis For Leaks
  3. Sequentially Open Distal Clamps

2. Atrio-Femoral Bypass Removal

  1. Decannulate L. Inf. Pulmonary
  2. Close Purse String Suture of L. Inf. Pulmonary Vein
  3. Decannulate L. Femoral Artery

3. Celiac Artery Reconstruction

  1. Create Side-Arm Exit Point in the Aortic Graft
  2. Anastomose Side-Arm Graft to Aortic Graft
  3. Check Anastomosis for Leaks
  4. End-to-end Anastomosis of Celiac Artery to Side-Arm Graft
  5. Check Anastomosis for Leaks

4. Closure

  1. Close Aneurysm Sac Over Aortic Graft
  2. Repair Left Hemi-Diaphragm
  3. Insert Thoracic Drains
  4. Repair Thoracotomy