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Post-Value Pricing

Pricing a medical education product is a challenge.  Money should not stand in the way of optimal care.  Yet, to be sustainable, a venture must have capital flow.

We live in a capitalist society.  That is, when possible, we use money as the common denominator to measure value exchange.

When properly priced, a medical education resource should be appropriately compensated given the value that it creates.  With this in mind, JOMI has taken a post-value approach to pricing to ensure 1) financial considerations do not preclude access and 2) that JOMI is fairly compensated.
How does post-value pricing work?  

If a user creates an account on, they immediately have “evaluation” access.  This makes it possible for clinicians to access the entire JOMI catalogue before there is a financial transaction.  

However, JOMI content is not free.  Once usage is observed, JOMI will reach out to the institution, with which the user is affiliated, to secure an institutional subscription.  If the institution is not receptive, then JOMI reserves the right to close access and offer users subscriptions on an individual basis.  Users, of course, are always able to purchase an individual subscription on a monthly or yearly basis.

We do not yet know whether this is a sustainable model and we may have to adjust it to ensure that our journal thrives.  That said, JOMI is not funded by venture capital, is not seeking an exit, and is uniquely built to align with priorities set by the team and the shareholders, most of whom are physicians and entrepreneurs in search of impact, some of which can be measured in money.

Our philosophy is:

blood is essential to a human being, but it does not a person make;
money is essential to a business, but it does not a venture make

We hope that the ecosystem will continue to respect what we are doing through fair post-value compensation, which will ensure the widest possible reach while allowing for sustainability.