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Minimally Invasive Open Preperitoneal Inguinal Hernia Repair

Michael Reinhorn, MD, MBA, FACS
Tufts University School of Medicine


Edward Hoffman · Posted 1 year ago · reply  

The Bard Ventrio ST patch used in your procedure has a documented record of causing chronic pain, adhesions, and intestinal damage amongst other highly undesirable outcomes. There was one recall and a significant number of lawsuits. Why is your practice still using this prosthetic device in inguinal hernia surgery?

Michael Reinhorn · Posted 1 year ago · reply  

Thanks for your comment. As you must be aware, mesh hernia repair is very common in the US. Complications arise in medical procedures with any number of devices. While there is no perfect mesh out there, mesh hernia surgery is the best way to repair a hernia for most patients. Only a few patients meet the criteria for “no mesh” repairs -- which we do offer – but “no mesh” repairs themselves can lead to complications. Preperitoneal repairs like the one we use are far superior to traditional mesh repairs in terms of nerve injury and chronic pain. Thanks to advances in mesh design, like in the Ventrio ST, patients are suffering less now than they did a decade ago. The recall you are referring to is for a mislabeling of the box the mesh is sold in, not for any safety concern for the mesh. The medical community strongly supports the use of mesh in hernia based on many scientific studies, and we will continue to do so

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