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Female Foley Catheter Insertion

Casey L. Meier, RN1; Col. Arthur C. Wittich, DO2

1Lincoln Memorial University, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 2Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (Retired)



Before I start prepping anything, I take and put a Betadine- soaked sponge in the upper vagina, okay? So this is an iodine-based antiseptic. I'm going to put a sponge up in her vagina, all the way up until it touches her cervix, the top of the vagina. And I'm going to leave it there. Now I'm going to start prepping the outside of her vagina. And what I'm going to do… I believe in good preps. This is standard Betadine, right? If you prep them, you should prep them correctly. And I like the prep back to mid-thigh. Okay then, then I do it again with another one. A cleaner one. Okay, go clean to dirty. So now what I'm going to do- remember, this has been in here since before we started. So now, now I'm going to work this way all around the top of the vagina. You see that, good prep. Because there's a lot of bacteria in there. The vagina is not a clean organ. So then I'm going to come out and do the same thing. And then, I'm going to put another one, and do the same thing.


This is a Foley catheter, a urinary catheter, and it sterile. Okay? This is still sterile, so I'm going to take this. There's a- you see her urethra there, right there? So we're going to put it right in the urethra. Okay, we can give her the bag.


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Okay, you got the syringe. And this blows the bulb up, to keep the Foley catheter inside the bladder. It's probably a 10 cc bulb, and that's got about 5 cc, so that's really enough. So the bladder has a, a catheter in it now. You can see the urine there.


But still, we'll put a tape there so it won't, it won't be pulled out. Okay now, she's got her Foley catheter in, and we'll straighten her legs out.