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Draping the Patient



So the next field that we’re going to demonstrate today is basic draping for a general surgery case. Draping styles vary from hospital to hospital. One thing I do want to point out is that our patient is supine and she also has a safety strap. The safety strap’s 2 inches above her knees and also, she's modestly covered, so only the area of the surgery site is exposed.

First thing: we're going to use for towels to drape out the sterile field. When passing to the surgeon I want to make sure that I am far enough away from the table so that I will not contaminate my gown and gloves.

The towels are placed high above the patient so they don't drag on the patient. Last, top. We then will use an impervious table cover to cover the legs.

We’re going to take our lap sheet, stickies come off, open like a book, goes down over the sterile field that we created. We're going to open the drape. It is very important not to let the drape fall below the level of the table. Going to go down towards the feet following the arrows on the drape and then up to anesthesia. And we cuff our hands so that when the drapes are grabbed our hands aren't touched.

And then the final stuff for draping is we’re going to take our Ioban drape. I'm going to hand it to the surgeon. They're going to place it where they want it. I’m going to lift straight up. The drape is going to go down. And then when they tell me to I'm going to slowly pull the drape away.

Now, as they're finishing doing this I'm going to pull my table and mayo stand up to the sterile field. Mayo stand comes in over the legs of the patient. It is very important to check to make sure that the patient's feet and legs aren't touching the bottom of the mayo stand.

And then my table’s going to come up as well. When I move a table I make sure that my hands are on top of the table and I move my table over. And then the last thing I do: the surgeons get the light handles and I throw off or pass off my Bovie and suction to the circulator.


I use these built-in velcro tabs to make sure nothing falls off of the sterile field. And then lastly I make sure that my Bovie holster is on my field so when the Bovie isn't in use it goes into the holster to prevent any sort of surgical fires.

We are now ready for our surgical time out and the start of the procedure.