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Gowning and Gloving Others



So the next skill we're going to demonstrate is gowning and gloving other members of the surgical team. So, Dr. Thomas here is coming into the room. I'm going to greet him, present him with a towel, introduce myself. Dr. Thomas, my name is Kristen, I will be your surgical technologist for the day.

While he is drying his hands, I'm going to open the gown with the wording towards him. I’m going to open the gown and let it fall without shaking. I'm going to cuff my hands and give him the gown. As the circulator is tying him in, I'm going to grab his gloves.

I'm going to present the right hand first. The right hand is always gloved first when gowning others. I'm going to present the gloves to him in a manner that he can slide his hand in, and my fingers are out of the way of his fingers, and the thumb is towards him. He's going to help me on the second glove.

The next to pair just go on any way. Right hand first. He's going to help me. And the second glove.

Now we're going to spin. However this is a little different than when you gown and glove yourself. We're- he's going to hand me the card and we are going to spin together. And that's gowning and gloving others.